Couple Spends $155,000 to Clone Lab

*You know, I have mixed feelings about all this cloning business. I read the entire article from and I have to say, I don’t really blame these people for doing this thing. They didn’t have to take a second mortgage out to do this. They had the money. And the original dog was “that dog”. You know that dog. The one dog in your life that holds the most precious spot in your heart. That one dog that is just a little bit more special than all the other precious pups you had in your life. I can relate because our Lola is like that. We have had numerous dogs over the years and loved them all but Lola is “that dog” to us. I suppose if I have $155,000 worth of jewelry I could sell and my husband started a successful medical company and was heir to the NASCAR fortune you can bet your bottom dollar I would clone my precious Lola. Here is the entire article from MSN.Com*



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