In the Beginning It Wasn’t “Dog Eat Dog”….it was “Man Eat Dog”

 In todays dog news, it looks like researchers have dated a domesticated dog bone fragment to 9,400 years ago. This skull fragment was DNA tested and found to be from a domesticated dog, not a wolf or a fox. So it appears man’s best friend goes back further than we originally thought. Not too surprising since it’s common knowledge our ancestors used dogs for protection, companionship and hunting.

The unique part of this story is where the bone fragment was found. University of Maine graduate student Samuel Belknap III came across the fragment while analyzing a dried-out sample of human excrement unearthed in southwestern Texas in the 1970s. Because it was found deep inside a pile of human excrement and was the characteristic orange-brown color that bone turns when it has passed through the digestive tract, the fragment provides the earliest direct evidence that dogs — besides being used for company, security and hunting — were eaten by humans and may even have been bred as a food source,


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