Pets Pose Threat To Safe Driving

 Taking the best care of your pet includes safe driving habits! Unfortunately, unrestrained pets are the cause of many accidents per year in our country. Worse yet is the unnecessary injury and/or death of much loved pets because they were not restrained properly. Today Travel has a very informative article on safe driving habits with your pet. Lola has a harness with a safety strap that simply snaps into the seat belt! It was inexpensive and it’s easy to use. Best of all I know my co-pilot will have the best chance of survival in an accident if I treat her like my kids and BUCKLE UP! Check out the full story after the bark……ready?……BARK!


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  1. According to Gus
    Jan 25, 2011 @ 14:03:17

    Thanks for sharing the link to the safety strap you use. We’re always looking for better ways to transport Gus when we’re in the car. Currently he is zipped into a travel carrier, but he’d much rather be able to look out the window!


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