Do Dogs Really Need Sweaters?

 Do dogs really need sweaters? According to the Wall Street Journal….YES!

Pricey couture is optional, but some breeds do need outerwear in the winter, veterinarians say. Small, short-haired, inactive dogs without a thick fur undercoat are more susceptible to cold weather says Gwendolyn Bounds of  WSJ.

And LolaBelle concurs! Like it states in the article, it depends on the dog….the breed and the lifestyle. Some dogs do very well in cold weather. I have yet to see a sweatered Lab or German Shephard….but many small, non-sporting breeds are more comfortable bundled up in winter months. Chihuahuas, shih tzus, dachshunds and others would spend the day shivering if it weren’t for a favorite sweater or sweatshirt. My friend Maddie has 2 Chinese Crested and I can’t imagine how those poor hairless babies would make it in below 30 degree weather!

Normal dog body temperature runs 101 to 102 degrees. A drop in body temperature of five or six degrees can put dogs at risk of low blood pressure and kidney damage, as well as decreased blood flow to the liver and brain, which can possibly lead to hypothermia.

Elderly or ailing animals may need to don extra layers, regardless of their breed, says Stephen Zawistowski, science adviser to the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals.

And let’s face it…..sometimes the dog likes it! I have lots of customers that tell me their dog likes dressing up! Does yours?


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