Michael Vick Gets Key To City Of Dallas

It appears the mayor of Dallas is distancing himself from the controversy surrounding Michael Vick’s receipt of the key to the city. Apparently, Dallas Councilman and Mayor Pro Tem Dwaine Caraway gave away a “key” to Vick during a ceremony on Saturday.

Mayor Tom Leppert released a statement Monday saying that when Caraway gave Vick a key to the city, the action was “done without [Leppert’s] knowledge or approval.” This is causing quite a stir in Dallas, especially with the folks who have yet to forgive Vick for his crimes of dog fighting.  Richard Hunter, shown here, adopted one of Vicks dogs and videotaped the ceremony. He later addressed city council and the mayor, asking that the key be taken back.

“On Saturday I was horrified to witness Mayor Pro Tem Caraway gleefully proclaiming that a power had been bestowed on him to give the man who tried to kill my dog a key to my city,” Hunter said.

Hunter called Caraway’s action an embarrassment to the city “rouge decision to besmirch the reputation of the city.”

What do you think? Should Dallas take back the key or has Michael Vick served his time for his crimes?


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