Texas To Ban Pit Bulls and Pit Mixes

 Before all us animal lovers get “up in arms” let me clarify, this PROPOSED legislation has NOT been sponsored by any lawmakers. This proposed legislation was written by the attorneys of a family that lost a child in a pit bull attack 2 years ago in East Texas.

Tyler attorneys Cynthia and Don Kent drafted the proposal for the dog ban after winning the civil suit brought after Justin Clinton was killed by pit bulls June 15, 2009, in tiny Leverett’s Chapel, about 40 miles east of Tyler.

“Justin’s Law” would make it a third-degree felony to own a pit bull in Texas.

Charles Stephens, an advocate for large-breed dogs, said the proposed legislation would have to override current Texas law.

A state statute prevents the establishment of dog-specific bans by counties or cities. The state already has a “dangerous dogs” law, which forces owners of dogs that are deemed dangerous to register them and carry extensive liability insurance.

The attorneys themselves have acknowledged there isn’t much interest in this since Texas lawmakers are really focusing on the budget and NOT on a “pit bull ban”

“I don’t know the chances of it making it through the system. All bills are long shots,” he said. “This is a long shot too. The focus will be on the budget. I don’t think we’ll have a whole lot of interest in this legislature.”

Visit the Amarillo Globe News for the full story

Now I feel terrible for the family….I really do…..but banning a breed is NOT the answer. This is just another sad example of media driven HYSTERIA. A dog attack is a rare and tragic thing…..therefore a sensational news story. Statistics show in 2010 there were 34 fatal dog attacks.  Let’s put that in perspective shall we? Over 40 THOUSAND people a year die in car accidents. So if these laws are in the interest of “public safety” then I think we would be much better and safer if we were to ban CARS. But see, it ISN’T about saving lives….it’s about taking your pain and grief out on something innocent. Yes, it’s a horrible thing that happened to that child…..but killing a bunch of dogs isn’t going to bring that poor child back. This HYSTERIA must end. Even if you aren’t a fan of the breed, find it in your heart to send your thoughts to the Texas legislation and let them know, Breed Specific Legislation is NOT the answer!


Sen. Kevin Eltife: http://www.senate.state.tx.us/75r/senate/members/dist1/dist1.htm#formRep

Rep. Chuck Hopson:


You can even visit the WordPress Blog “Our Compass” for a sample letter! Thanks Susan for sharing this important news with LolaBelle’s Treats!


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  1. TV
    Feb 15, 2011 @ 21:29:35

    Thank you for this post, I have emailed the above mention contacts in addition to others in my area. I also feel terrible about what happened to this child, and I completely understand the mother’s passion about what she sees as justice. However, I don’t agree with her solution. I will fight to protect my dog and my right to own her. I’ve been researching this like crazy when I first caught wind of the proposed BSL, and have found that many places that had a ban in place ended up lifting the ban because it was ineffective and fought to be lifted. While that is great news, it is too late for some families that lost their doggie friend. I beg of anyone reading this – even if you aren’t crazy about pits, YOUR dog breed could be next. Please, please email your reps and tell them this is wrong. It’s just so, so wrong.


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