Accommodations For Westminster Dogs

 Ok, so 2500 dogs are going to the Westminster Kennel Club Show…..have you given any thought to where all these dogs are staying? There isn’t exactly an RV Park in New York CITY (not that these pampered pooches would be staying in an RV! gasp!) so the Best of the Best stay at the Best in New York!

We found a great video at ABC World News with Diane Sawyer. It shows the Big Money side of the most popular and prestigious dog show in the world! We are talking doggie treadmills, conference rooms converted into exercise and play areas, spa treatments! There is even a dog psychic!

Hotel Philadelphia, located directly across the street from the Gardens, is host to over 1,000 dogs for this 2 day event. Hotel head of marketing Jerry Grymek says,

“These are show dogs through and through. They are the best of the best and on their best behavior.”

The dogs are also the best for business. The hotel is sold out for the show this year and has 1,000 four-legged guests. Each dog owner pays an additional $50 per night and the vendors who are stationed in the conference room to care for and pamper the animals pay a fee to set up shop.


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