Westminster Show Results–Part 1

Yes it’s a big couple of days in the dog world….it’s the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show! The thing I like best about the Westminster Show is it’s so popular even people who aren’t “dog people” watch it! It’s a great educational tool as well! You learn about many different breeds…..their personality type….how well they behave in certain situations….and you get to see breeds you have never even heard of! (remember! There are 4 NEW breeds this year!) This two-day show ends tonight with 3 more “Best in Group” awards and then the coveted “Best In Show”.

Results from last night’s show:

Best Hound – Scottish Deerhound

Best Toy – Pekingese

Best Non-Sporting – Chinese Shar-Pei

Best Herding – Bearded Collie

Tonight they will finish up with the Sporting, Working and Terrier Groups. Sporting will include Pointers, Retrievers and Labradores…the most beloved breed in America! Working dogs include some of the larger breeds like Boxers, Mastiffs, Newfoundlands and Saint Bernard. And the always favorite Terrier Group brings the likes of American Stafford, Fox, Norwich and the West Highland White Terrier!

If you can’t catch the show tonight check back with LolaBelle and she will keep you in the know on the show!


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