Country Dog In The Big City

So in search for my daily fix of “dog news” I am, of course, finding lots of articles about Hickory, the first Scottish Deerhound to win Best in Show at Westminster early this week.  An article I found in the New York Times is especially good.

Hickory is a fascinating dog……not what you expect from a Westminster Best In Show Winner……she isn’t living in the lap of luxury on the Upper East Side…….she doesn’t spend her days in an Olympic style training facility……she lives on a 50 acre farm in Virginia and spends her days chasing squirrels and deer!

“All dogs are easy to love,” said Angela Lloyd, 31, Hickory’s  professional handler. “But sometimes you find one where everything clicks. She is certainly one of those dogs.”

She is owned by Sally Sweatt of Minneapolis and her breeders, Cecilia and Robert Dove, on whose farm she lives when she is not on the show circuit.

The Scottish deerhound, an almost ghostly dog that seems to glide as it walks, has a history that dates to the 16th or 17th century. In its early days, only royalty with the rank of earl or higher were permitted to own the dogs. The American Kennel Club, which first recognized the breed in 1886, describes the dogs as having a “quiet and dignified” personality, but warns that the dog may “try to chase any furry animals that run past him.” says Katie Thomas of the New York Times.

Apparently this Country Mouse…I mean DOG….enjoys her travels with a few “diva” antics thrown in! Her traveling days are spent on  fluffy bed (imagine how big THAT is!) and with extra treats thrown in!

When Hickory is on the road, “She always knows she can get away with most things,” Lloyd said.

After running the media gauntlet, including Martha Stewart, Fox News and the Today Show, Hickory will be looking at a long and happy retirement! This was planned to be Hickory’s last show and boy, did she go out with a bang! With her plans of settling down and becoming a “Momma Dog” , we are sure to see one of her pups follow in her legacy as a winner at Westminster!


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