Dog Found After Being Lost a Month!

This is a heartwarming article from the Wichita Falls Times Record News.

Ella and Nash, 2 family pets, were on a long distance trip with their dad when Ella, a chihuahua mix became separated from her family and lost. After 2 days of searching the rest area and blanketing the local community with fliers they finally had to accept the fact that Ella was gone.

That is when the bad weather moved in. Ella was an inside dog! And a chihuahua no less! Her family hoped she was in the warmth and comfort of a Good Samaritan home.

Her mom was traveling through the area one month later and decided to make one more trip through the rest stop where Ella was lost. When she pulled in, she saw a little black lump sitting in the other side of the fence that surrounded the rest stop……she couldn’t believe it……it was Ella! Her mom couldn’t find a hole in the fence so she started pulling away grass and dirt until Ella could squeeze through and it was just like a movie! Ella leapt in her arms and hasn’t left since!

Fortunately, Ella is thin and a little skittish but no worse for wear after her adventure!


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