Can An Old Dog Teach US New Tricks?

I just found an awesome article on Forbes by Carolyn Rosenblatt. The topic is “what can we learn from our aging dog?”

This is a picture of our aging dog, Ginger. We figure Ginger (a.k.a. Grandma Dog) to be a Corgi/Chow mix and she turned 9 last Thanksgiving. Like Carolyn’s dog Tigra, she is still spry and plays with the other dogs like she is a pup.

She wasn’t always like that and we attribute her new “lease on life” to changing her to a total Homemade Diet. But there are a lot of other thing our dogs do that we would be wise to learn from!

Carolyn talks of staying close to family…..

Dogs are pack animals and so are humans. We’ve stayed in groups throughout our evolution. We need company. We get forlorn if we are alone too long. If you don’t have family around you, choose a family of friends and be sure you spend time with them. Keep the older family members close as much as you can.

…….and greeting people with enthusiasm and giving affection……..

Her positive way gets a positive response. We can learn from this………What pet dog doesn’t want to kiss you, tail wag or otherwise tell you that you are loved? One reason for this age-old animal-human bond is the affection. It’s communication of pure love.

It’s  wonderful piece with valuable lessons we can learn…..from some of the gentlest souls on Earth…..our dogs!

Fetch that article LolaBelle!………ARF!…….good girl!


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