Adorable Dog of the Day!

Meet Miss Lilly! Miss Lilly is a 12 pound Bichon Frise who loves a good nap! Especially on her grandpa’s golf mat!

But Miss Lilly has a sad story to tell. You see, her mom is away at college so she and her sister Toe are staying with their grandparents. Our regular blog readers may remember Toe…..she was a previous Adorable Dog of the Day winner…….and it seems the family was so proud that Toe won this prestigious title, and like the good grandparents they are, they printed it and posted it on the refrigerator……..

……..Miss Lilly hasn’t eaten in the kitchen since…………………ha ha ha ha!

“she supposedly avoids the kitchen as often as possible. I’m away
at college so I’m not there to witness any of this craziness.” says Lilly’s mom

The fact is Miss Lilly, you ARE a very adorable dog so you rightfully earn your place on Adorable Dog of the Day! And props to the photographer for capturing Lilly and all her adorableness!

Don’t forget to send in YOUR dog’s photo to Adorable Dog of the Day! Send it to and visit our website !!

2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. savbee
    Mar 01, 2011 @ 03:16:14

    Thank you so much for posting Lilly too! My family got a kick out of her story :p


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