Moscow to Deport 26,000 Stray Dogs

 There is an outcry of protest arising in Moscow where the city is purposing relocating it’s 26,000 stray dogs and taking them to a “facility” outside the city.

Moscow has had a stray dog problem for years. 26,000 accounts for 70 dogs per square mile….that’s a lot.

These are very street wise animals….many figuring out the subway is a great place to spend time…often riding the trains from one stop to the next. The trains provide a padded seat and often scraps of food from commuters.

But the difficult fact to face is many of these dogs are dangerous. They travel in packs and occasionally attack people. There must be a solution but I am not sure a “concentration camp” is the right answer…..

Check out the entire story courtesy of the Huffington Post….


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