Zuckerberg Dog Joins Facebook

So Mark Zuckerberg and his girlfriend bought a dog. Apparently this is big news……

There is some stink about the dog having his own page……there is a famous Chinese blogger who used to write under a pseudo-name and Facebook made him stop…..requiring all page owners to use their real name….so he is challenging the fact that this dog has a page and he cannot…..truth be told, the dog doesn’t have its own page….it is a “sub-page” of Mark Zuckerbergs….just like my LolaBelle’s page is a sub-page of my main Facebook page…..the blogger could do the same thing….make a sub-page strictly for his blogging activities…..but of course, in China, there are repercussions for speaking out against the government….so this is a lot more complicated than just a dog and a Facebook page…..

And now the Animal Rescue Corp is congratulating Mr. Zuckerberg but also pointing out many news media outlets are reporting that Zuckerberg “adopted” this Puli…..when they feel “adopting” should be reserved for animals coming from shelters or rescue groups. His dog came from a breeder and I agree that the term “adopted” implies the dog is a rescue.

Now I know a lot of people will want to slam Mr. Zuckerberg for buying from a breeder…..but I looked on Petfinder.com and only found 2 available Puli’s. I can understand buying from a breeder……especially when considering a rare breed like a Puli…..LolaBelle came from a GREAT breeder!

And there ARE great and reputable breeders out there who are breeding for the RIGHT reasons! They breed for the love and preservation of the breed…not for the $$. These aren’t puppy mills. These are people who only breed a few litters a year and they typically breed only one breed of dog…..not puppy mills who usually have Pomeranians, Poodles, Beagles, Chihuahuas, Yorkies, Maltese, Labs and Rotties…..all on the same property….they are kept in cages……and that is NOT what we are talking about here. That is NOT how a reputable breeder operates.

So Mark, enjoy your new puppy and keep on posting about him! LolaBelle’s understands!


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