Chastity Belt for Dogs?

Believe it or not…..the answer is YES! It appears a Louisiana dog breeder has invented a dog chastity belt as an alternative to spay and neuter programs! It’s called PABS and stands for Pet Anti-Breeding System and according to website testimonials, it works! A mesh panel basically protects the female from unwanted breeding while allowing her to do all her “business” as well.

Once an animal is fixed, there is no possibility of ever breeding them. Many pet owners would like to eventually breed their female dog. Others do not want to fix their pets for health reasons. The PABS – Pet Anti Breeding System will allow dog owners to exercise responsible control over when and if they breed their pet.

This is certainly NOT a substitution for spay and neuter, however, for people who professionally breed dogs, this has to be a pretty valuable tool. It will help maintain control over the breeding process, stop over breeding of animals and prevent unwanted pregnancies. So if this is something that interests you, do like the company slogan says….”When the heat is on….LOCK IT!” ha ha ha!

Hey LolaBelle! Fetch them that website!………..ARF!


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