Texas Dogs Protect Local Zoo

 This is a nice little local story out of Victoria, Texas, home of the Texas Zoo. The Texas Zoo is a small zoo housing a variety of local Texas wildlife.  Children come to learn all about alligators, javelina, hawks and cranes. They even host Zoo Camps for kids.

They are in the news this week for bringing on 2 Great Pyrenees a night watch dogs! Sarge and Jazz are brother and sister and come from Texas Great Pyrenees Rescue (way to go!) and are about 2 years old.

The main part of their job isn’t so much keeping people out….it’s keeping the zoos inhabitants protected from other assorted wildlife, particularly raccoons. The zoo lost 2 birds to raccoons last year and protecting their animals is their top priority….enter Sarge and Jazz!

“We knew we couldn’t bring just any type of dog into the zoo,” said Andrea Blomberg, zoo executive director. “We needed dogs that knew not to attack the animals that were supposed to be here and guard them.”

The zoo made a good choice in the Great Pyrenees! The breed is well-known for guarding livestock and they have an excellent demeanor around humans….although most zoo guests won’t see much of Sarge and Jazz. They spend their days sleeping indoors and wake when it is time to go to work…..at night!

Read more about Sarge and Jazz HERE!


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