Most Expensive Dog in the World

Meet Hong Dong (Means “Big Splash” in Chinese) the most expensive dog in the world! Hong Dong is a rare Red Tibetan Mastiff and recently sold to a Chinese industrialist for a little over 1.5 million dollars….yes, MILLION.

For that kind of $$ I hope he picks up his own poop……and provides us all with a cure for cancer as well! ha ha!

The Red Tibetan Mastiff is considered one of the oldest breeds in the world and reportedly, Genghis Kahn and Buddha owned these dogs. Since their history is so well documented it’s considered a “pure Chinese” breed.

Only a few years ago you could buy a puppy for just a few hundred dollars but prices have skyrocketed over the years and it’s difficult to find one under 6 figures today.

Thought to be holy animals that provide their owners with blessings of health and security, the breed is commonly identified as independent, intelligent and very protective of its owners and their property.
Thank you SFGsate for this great story!
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