Adorable Dog of the Day!


Adorable Dog of the Day!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day everyone!

Adorable Dog of the Day!

Adorable Dog of the Day!

 Todays Adorable Birthday Dog of the Day is dedicated to Lolabelle’s Beloved Grammy Karen in honor of her 65th Birthday today!

Grammy makes all of LolaBelle’s Treats handmade sweaters and toys! She loves the fact that pooches everywhere are enjoying her handcrafted items and she can’t wait to meet all our customers the next time she makes it to Texas for a visit!

She is also the proud owner of Lilly, the Westie Mix she rescued. Lilly loves her momma so much she always walks around with her favorite pink toy in her mouth….handmade of course!

Happy Birthday Grammy Karen! We love you!! Arf! Arf! Arf!

Adorable Dog of the Day!

 Our beloved friend Coney is our Adorable Dog of the Day! Coney was found as a stray back in 2000 by our friend Melissa. Her son named him Conan the Barbarian and it didn’t take long to morph into the “Coney” we know and love! He is a Pekingese and is about 12 years old.

Coney is all about the love….hopping up on the sofa allowing you to worship him for a few minutes…..then strolling off…..he IS royalty after all! He also loves to go on long walks and share vanilla wafers with his dad Ralph. He also loves LolaBelle’s Treats Snickerpoodles! Probably because they look so much like “real people food”! 

Congratulations Coney!

Adorable Dog of the Day

 We are going to stick with todays theme of dog empathy and have Nurse Dog as our Adorable Dog of the Day!

 I think all animal lovers can relate stories of a pet that kept you company when you were sick, comforted you when you cried or helped you when you were in need…..

 We will be relating some stories like that…..cancer has entered our home… 44 year old husband has been diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of cancer. We will be sharing special dog stories on that blog Little Dog Diaries if you would like to follow.

I know my readers have adorable dogs to share! Send them to my e-mail box and maybe YOUR DOG will be our Adorable Dog of the Day!

Adorable Dog of the Day!

  Yea….it’s just one of those days…….

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