Rescue Dogs In Japan

Check out this GREAT STORY from CNN on the search and rescue dogs in Japan.


Pearl, From Rescue to Savior!

Some of you may remember Pearls story from last fall. Pearl was surrendered to a shelter and was subsequently chosen to participate in a program where she was trained for search and rescue. She exhibited the signs of a good search and rescue dog because she was motivated by play, showed intelligence and a drive to succeed!

Pearl was instrumental in saving a dozen people when she was called to work in Haiti. For her work she was given the American Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Animals, Dog of the Year Award for 2010. A children’s book was written about Pearl’s work in Haiti to raise money for training new search dogs. The book is called A New Job for Pearl, and has illustrations made by second graders.

Now she is going to go to work in Japan doing the same kind of search and rescue mission in the aftermath of the recent earthquake. You can see updates of what Pearl is doing on the Search Dog Foundation’s Facebook page. Thanks to Care2 for a great story on adorable Pearl!

How amazing is it that this wonderful, trainable dog was plucked out of a SHELTER and she is saving lives!