Blind Man Gets Dog For Himself and His Blind Dog!

You never leave a good man….or dog….behind!

This is Graham Waspe, living in England partially blind, along with his  seeing eye dogs. Unfortunately Edward, his first seeing eye dog, developed cataracts that left him blind at 6 years old. There was no way Graham was going to trade his dog in for a new model so instead, they got Opal to help lead them BOTH!

“They’ve become quite good friends and get on happily together,” Waspe said. “There are certain times I’m sure where Opal will help and Edward is happier by having another dog around.”

The trio now visits local schools raising awareness about the blind and their guide dogs. Edward has become even more popular than when he could see! Mr Waspe said Edward will continue to be a part of their family no matter what. Saying  “until the day that either we go or he goes.” 

Good dog Edward!