Home Made Dog Food

So as some of our reader’s know, LolaBelle’s is a small home based business. It started as a hobby really. Making dog treats for my girls was fun! We shared them with friends and family and I felt great knowing I was giving my beloved pets something healthy. I will admit I get a kick out of the extra “twirls” Lola gives me when I am giving her a home made treat vs. store bought. This went on for about 18 months…..then I lost my job.

This was a real truning point for us as a family. What are we going to do? We agreed now would be the best time to see if LolaBelle’s could be more than just a hobby. So we went blazing forth into the dog treat business. Then I had a very good friend of mine suggest home made dog food. So researching I ‘a went! And what I found wasn’t good……really wasn’t good……

I will let the evidence speak for itself…..




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