Rescue Dogs In Japan

Check out this GREAT STORY from CNN on the search and rescue dogs in Japan.


Emaciated Dog Back in Loving Home – South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend

Emaciated Dog Back in Loving Home – South Texas, Corpus Christi, Coastal Bend.

This is an incredible local story here in the Corpus Christi area. The story of a beloved pet digging out of the yard and being lost…..since December! Recently in the news after being found tied to a school jungle gym, the dog was reunited with its owners! I have to confess, the photos are shocking. This poor Weimaraner lost half of its body weight and is so emaciated. She is an inside dog so her survival skills were seriously lacking. But she was released by the vet back into her loving home for rehabilitation!

You know, this happens all the time. It’s so important to have a secure backyard and if possible, never leave the animals unattended. Leaving an animal in the yard when you leave the home is just asking for trouble and should be avoided whenever possible. Dogs get bored and get destructive. Sometimes they get scared and try to escape by digging out. Sometimes a cute female comes along and there is another reason to jump a fence. It’s just bad ownership in my opinion.

But we have had escape artists in the past… put them out to do their business and they are gone in a flash….or a neighbor stops by and leaves the door open a split second too long and they bolt out the door before you can even get “Don’t let the dog out!” off your lips. It happens. That’s why proper identification is also a must! Start off with a collar. At least the Good Samaritan will know there is an “owner” and may keep an eye out for your posters, soon to be plastered all over the neighborhood. Better yet, go to your local hardware store and buy an engraved ID tag. Name and phone number is really all you need in my opinion. I was able to return many a stray dog thanks to an ID tag. The last one being a 125 pound black lab who was happy to slobber all over my passenger seat as I chauffered him home 😀 Other people swear by microchip. I am not too familiar with the practice but it sounds very effective. Especially if your dog is injured and lands in a shelter or a vet’s office. They will “scan” the chip and have all your pet’s information in order to provide her with better medical care! Ask your vet about it!

This family was lucky……they just happened to be watching the news and saw her story and knew she was their dog. So happy to be reunited but so crushed to see their beloved dog in such poor condition.

Adorable Dog of the Day!

Blind Man Gets Dog For Himself and His Blind Dog!

You never leave a good man….or dog….behind!

This is Graham Waspe, living in England partially blind, along with his  seeing eye dogs. Unfortunately Edward, his first seeing eye dog, developed cataracts that left him blind at 6 years old. There was no way Graham was going to trade his dog in for a new model so instead, they got Opal to help lead them BOTH!

“They’ve become quite good friends and get on happily together,” Waspe said. “There are certain times I’m sure where Opal will help and Edward is happier by having another dog around.”

The trio now visits local schools raising awareness about the blind and their guide dogs. Edward has become even more popular than when he could see! Mr Waspe said Edward will continue to be a part of their family no matter what. Saying  “until the day that either we go or he goes.” 

Good dog Edward!

Adorable Dog of the Day!

Happy St. Paddy’s Day everyone!

Japanese Dog Refuses To Leave Friend

LolaBelle’s Daddy found this AMAZING video of a loyal dog in Japan. Obviously  filmed after the devastating tsunami, it shows a dog faithfully standing by his injured friend.

Adorable Dog of the Day!

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